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the hot happy mess... of it all.

Are you craving Best Life, minus the Burnout… constantly striving for more, and quite frankly — F'n over it?  Want more happiness, peace, and purpose… NOW? 

Well then LET’S. GO. From Emmy Award Winning TV host Zuri Hall (Access Hollywood, American Ninja Warrior) comes ‘Hot Happy Mess’ — a new podcast, in partnership with iHeartRadio's Black Effect Podcast Network. HHM is your new go-to podcast for mindfully ambitious Millennial women; committed to sharing diverse stories + POVs. With real talk + tips on all the things we’re ‘supposed’ to be getting right. This podcast will help you take it all a little less seriously, and find your magic in the middle of life’s messes. 

Self-Care. Relationships. Mental Wellness. New Motherhood. #TeamNoKids. Career Wins (and Fails). Social Media. We’re covering it all. Our North Star is ‘Happy’ and it’s not an end destination — it’s a state of being, during the entire journey of our lives. 

Get ready for a delicious rotation of Zuri’s candid (slightly TMI) solo commentary); fun, informative straight talk with experts who can help you create the life you want (in easy-to-understand ways); hilarious “Group Chats” with Zuri’s IRL best friends; listener call-ins for advice straight from Zuri (advice that she’d very much prefer you not hold her legally responsible for, thanks); and most importantly: real stories from real, amazing everyday women.

It’s the same fun, down-to-earth vibes that Zuri’s known for during her candid red carpet interviews + celebrity sit-downs (from MTV, E! News, and now Access Hollywood)... but this show is all about the most important VIP of your life: YOU. And it’s time to own it!

Wine (and tequila, and vodka, and whiskey… and pretty much everything else) will be spilled. The occasional f*bomb will be dropped. Laughs (and a few tears) will be shed. Messes will be made… but we’ll find our magic, in the middle of them. Together. New episodes every Monday!

Follow @ZuriHall and @HotHappyMess on Instagram  to keep the good vibes going. 

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#AskZuri — Submit your questions for advice straight from me (advice I'd very much prefer you not hold me legally responsible for, thaaaanks) !

#OkDontJudgeMeBut — Famous last words from Zuri & Ashlee, before one confesses something to the other that any one else would (let’s be honest, understandably) judge. But NOT HERE, AIGHT?! Anonymously submit your wildest, juiciest confession(s) to your girls (us, duh.) Just be sure to leave a code name, if you don't want us to use your real one.

Join as a Podcast Guest — We are committed to telling + sharing diverse stories + POVS. Real Stories, from Real Womxn! (And yes we want men to be a part of the conversation - they’re just not leading it, often. lol — drop a line!)

Want Zuri as a Guest? — Well, she’d love to hear what ya have in mind. Email us at or fill out the Contact Form. :)

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(we'll never leave you on *read*)

The Group Chat with my girls is where we go to vent. Decode weird text messages from whoever we’re dating or exes we’re trying to avoid. Draft, post & then collectively vote to delete (or post) petty subtweets.
In my Signature Segment on the podcast, when I need back-up support… or have a tough topic I wanna pick apart with some really smart, really funny women whose opinions or ideas may differ from mine... Or, to be honest, just wanna LMAO, talk sht and laugh a lot about whatever is the hottest of messes that week… we’re taking it to The Group Chat (i.e. my In-Real-Life friends) !!



Hiiiii! I’m Star Lengas! I’m the friend who won’t shut-up about Korean Skincare and how it will change your life (it will). I’m a lifestyle content producer & associate producer of the HHM podcast (w00t); and I’m super passionate about travel, books, social justice, + karaoke. Seriously, my warm-up song is The Power of Love.

Zuri and I met nearly 20 years ago + have been in unforgettable shenanigans ever since. I would share the memories but I’m pretty sure, I drunkenly signed an NDA lol jk



Hey there! I’m Travasha. I’m a life saving drink slinger, at 30k-feet a.k.a. a flight attendant — and traveling Is. My. Thing.
Z and I became roommates shortly after meeting on Twitter, and we’ve been besties ever since! What you see is what you get with me. In addition to being a new mommy, I’m a God loving weirdo who loves anything conspiracy related and who lives life knowing not all is as it seems. (Yes, aliens are real.)



Heyyy... I’m Ashlee! I’m a healthcare executive by day and an adventure loving, outdoorsy, adrenaline junky by night! I’m also a newlywed!
I met Zuri 10 years ago at a golf outing, and ever since we’ve been aimlessly wandering the world together... inserting ourselves into random adventures that we may never speak about in public 🥴  (until now). If you’re ever trying to go on a last minute, super spontaneous escapade... call me. That’s my thing, and I’m always down to ride!



Hi, I'm Leah! I'm a 30-year-old Entrepreneur born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC- living in LA. I'm obsessed with HGTV, my frenchie, and spaghetti- those things all go together right? #neverbored
I met Zuri a few years ago through a mutual friend at a pool party (ahhh classic LA) and we bonded over our love of carbs and tequila, before diving into our mutual passion for social justice. I'm pretty much down for whatever at all times and love to keep it moving!



Hi I’m Veronika! I’m a born & bred proud New Yorker (BK, baby) — and a Jewelry Designer and Founder of Ora Ana.
I met Z back in 2010 when we may or may not have been in the same girl group — (Yes, there were “I’m The Beyonce!” fights).
We were definitely frenemies who couldn’t stand each other… but the Universe wanted us together, because we eventually realized we are so alike & can’t help but laugh nonstop when we’re together. Now she’s stuck with me! ;-p



It’s your girl Cleo (sometimes known as Clee). I’m a saucy Gryffindor from Toronto with probably the biggest hair you’ve ever seen.  I co-own an all female DJ booking agency and I work as a communications consultant, which basically means I just get sh*t done — I also happen to work with my best friends; highly recommend btw. 
Zuri and I met 6 yrs ago when I cold-emailed her, and happened to be headed to LA for a visit. I asked her if she wanted to be my friend and the rest was history!

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