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31: How to Network (Without Being A Stalker!!) It's Time to Make Power Moves!

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Do you feel socially awkward when it comes to networking? Get all tongue-tied, and you're not sure what to say, or even who to say it to? Well, get it, networking is HARD AF (like why!!), it can often feel forced, inauthentic, and sometimes just a tad bit slimy. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

Today's episode is all about networking the right way!! Zuri is talking with another expert panel featuring two awesome women -- Career Coach Latesha Byrd and the Career Contessa, Lauren McGoodwin!


We're diving into how to effectively use LinkedIn for networking, answer the hotly debated question of 'is it ever okay to slide in the DMs of your wishlist employer?', how to build authentic relationships and start those organic conversations, and finally how to make power moves in a male-dominated industry!

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Lauren McGoodwin is Career Contessa’s CEO, #1 power move advocate, and has a life mission to help women build successful and fulfilling careers on their terms. The Career Contessa helps over 2 million women each year with their careers through content, online learning courses, and job listings.

Lauren is also the host of Career Contessa’s podcast, The Femails, a weekly advice podcast focused on women, work, and all the answers to your career questions so you can be more fulfilled, healthy, and successful at work. Most recently she’s released her first book, Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose.

Connect with Lauren: Instagram | Website | Podcast | Youtube | Career Contessa Instagram

Latesha Byrd is the CEO & Founder of Byrd Career Consulting, a talent development consulting agency serving organizations and top talent at the intersection of career empowerment, diversity, equity & inclusion, and leadership development.

As a Certified Life and Career Coach, she loves helping working professionals breakthrough to their career potential. She launched the Career Chasers Members Club, monthly membership, and virtual coaching experience for ambitious women of color who want to land their dream job and create a career they love, with over 600 members in 11 countries & counting and over 20 industries!.

Latesha is also the host of the Career Chasers podcast, where she’ll show you how to think of your career holistically, looking at it from all angles as you take charge in discovering a meaningful and purpose-driven career.

Connect with Latesha: Instagram | Website | Youtube | Podcast

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Zuri Hall is an Emmy award-winning TV host (Access Hollywood, American Ninja Warrior) and is the executive producer & host of this millennial-focused podcast that will empower women to avoid “best life burnout” through candid conversation, expert panel discussions, and real-life, human interest stories from everyday women.

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