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67: Unlocking The Secret To Inner Peace

Peace should never feel foreign. Today Zuri is joined by artist and writer Morgan Harper Nichols for a fantastic conversation on why peace is a practice, her personal story of being diagnosed with Autism, and how she remains inspired even when dealing with burnout.

Morgan also dishes on how she enforces her digital boundaries amongst her 2 million social media followers, battling imposter syndrome, and she shares three ways to practice peace in your daily lives.

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Popular Instagram poet and artist Morgan Harper Nichols has created her life’s work around the stories of others. Morgan’s popular Instagram feed has garnered a loyal online community of over two million, and she is the author of "All Along You Were Blooming", a book of poems and art she created in response to the personal stories submitted by her friends and followers.

She also hosts a podcast, The Morgan Harper Nichols Show, where she shares daily reflections on finding meaning and peace in life and work.

Morgan is often on the road creating, teaching, and performing, in hopes of spreading her unique inspirational message and inviting others into her creative process. Morgan currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband and son.

Her latest book, Peace is a Practice: An Invitation to Breathe Deep and Find a New Rhythm for Life, is available now.

Connect with Morgan: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

A Deeper Look Into the Episode:

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Zuri Hall is an Emmy award-winning TV host (Access Hollywood, American Ninja Warrior) and is the executive producer & host of this millennial-focused podcast that will empower women to avoid “best life burnout” through candid conversation, expert panel discussions, and real-life, human interest stories from everyday women.

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